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Data Security Tool


What measure is your IT administrator taking to make sure sensitive and critical data for the organization does not leak out the corporate network?

Well data breaches are increasingly becoming a norm as companies are faced with securing a multitude of networks, devices, applications, users, and files used in the course of conducting business. And with the rise of cloud computing, security perimeters are more difficult to define than ever before.

Data loss prevention (DLP) refers to the identification and monitoring of sensitive data to ensure that it’s only accessed by authorized users and that there are safeguards against data leaks. Companies have chosen these data loss prevention tools because of the breadth of their capabilities. With DLP you can configure robust set of policies solution that maps to corporate policies and regulatory requirements, develop escalation workflows and remediation processes. Now that more corporate data is moving to the cloud, the question for companies with data loss prevention tools is how to extend their DLP policies to cloud services. Enterprises need a solution that extends their enterprise DLP policies to the cloud, without requiring them to create redundant policies and escalation workflows.

An effective data loss prevention strategy needs to address such areas as data management solutions, perimeter control, network segmentation and security zones, access control, identity of both users and devices, connectivity and VPN, data encryption, mobile devices, cloud services, content control such as web and email, application management and content inspection, and secure storage.

To avoid the embarrassment, reputation damage and revenue loss, your enterprise must be able to identify, track, and secure all confidential data from multiple points within the organization and in the cloud. The DLP policies, as well as better employee education, should help protect sensitive data not just from hackers and disgruntled employees, but from employees that can sometimes get careless. A well-designed IT security system with a DLP solution will prevent intruders from stealing while it protects trade secrets, company data, and other Intellectual Property.

After all… data is the new currency.

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