How vulnerable is your system ?

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How vulnerable is your system ?

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In the ever changing cyber world I wonder how well prepared are businesses and Organizations in these countries. Each day an exploit is being reported to have affected a new system and the system admin become powerless on fighting it.


Just last week on 1st November the Mirai malware which is an open source, denial of service toolkit that hijacks busybox systems (commonly used on IoT devices) attacked Liberia’s Internet infrastructure causing massive downtime.

Ransomware is increasingly becoming a problem in Africa and local companies are not reporting incidents for fear of reputation damage, Statistics in Africa remain vague as organizations are reluctant to reveal the extent to which they have been targeted by ransomware. The impact of ransomware is difficult to calculate, since many organizations opt to simply pay to have their files unlocked – an approach that doesn’t always work.

“Antivirus is Dead “John McAfee and Brian Dye of Symantec have in the recent past been quoted saying that. Malware pose a great threat in that its signature keep on evolving hence making antivirus hard to detect it. We must move from the traditional norm that the antivirus will protect us to a more realistic approach of detect and respond paradigm

Endpoint is now becoming the focus of the cyber world, Whilst a complete security plan still involves technologies like Next generation  IPS, NGFWs and sandboxing, enterprises need to understand this new emphasis on endpoint and why it is vital to a layered defense to our system.


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John Muiruri Mwangi

November 12, 2016 at 10:09 am

This is really good insight. Organizations need to be brave enough and declare this a problem. Otherwise, evil will always prevail if nothing is done. I highly recommend these guys.

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