VAPT: A Cyber defence mechanism

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VAPT: A Cyber defence mechanism

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Security is a journey and not a destination. That’s true because when managing the security of a network, we always need to endeavor and stay one step ahead of our opponents – the criminals, malcontents, hackers and spies. They steal data and information without breaking any glass. Keeping data confidential is one core mission of network security. Opponents are always honing their method and techniques each day to exploit network security and access the confidential information.

A cyber security breach can strike at any time, putting your organization at risk. Thus the need to always do Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a Systematic analysis of security status of Information systems. With port 80 always open for web access there is always a possibility that a hacker can beat your security systems and have unauthorized access to your systems.

Vulnerability Assessment is the process of systematically scanning an organization’s servers, workstations, devices, operating systems, and other application software to detect and identify vulnerabilities. Identified vulnerabilities could include missing patches, gaps or loopholes in system design, misconfigurations etc. Any exposure of these gaps might result in unauthorized access to confidential data and information and pose a threat to the organization. Vulnerability Assessment utilizes specific tools to identify vulnerabilities and provide remedial measures.

Penetration Testing is the process of launching real world, secure attacks on IT infrastructure and systems to help identify the extent of exposures without causing any harm to existing data and systems. Penetration Testing helps detect possible threats by conducting mock attacks within the enterprise IT framework and helps IT managers identify threats before actual occurrence.

Most Vulnerability Assessment tools test for known system vulnerabilities and chances of producing false positives are high in this case. Penetration Testing addresses the issue of false positives by miming typical attack scenarios and studying system response to them. VAPT Testing tools when deployed together can substantially eliminate the risk of false positives and provide organization specific actionable events without unnecessarily overloading the organization’s human resources.

VAPT is most often overlooked as an integral part of IT security best practices. With 80% of websites vulnerable Cyber criminals are concentrating their efforts on web-based applications (shopping carts, forms, login pages and dynamic content) conducting cyber scams and online fraud. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, insecure web applications provide easy access to backend corporate databases. Enterprise IT needs to be aware of known and unknown vulnerabilities and their impact on IT infrastructure and business processes. VAPT solutions not only detect threats, but also offer dynamic remedial measures to mitigate the risks arising out of these threats.


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